Dr. Tyler Francis

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Tyler Francis is passionate about helping patients achieve their dental goals. He takes great pride in providing the highest quality care possible. He is open and friendly in addressing the individual needs and concerns of his patients.

Creating smiles is a passion for me. The joy it gives me to sit across from a person and hear their story and help them get the smile they deserve is what fuels my excitement for dentistry. Having confidence that you have a healthy mouth you are happy with is my goal. I look forward to working with you individually to help you achieve what you want.

Time is one of the most precious things we have. My goal is to make your time count while in my practice. I like getting to know you and understand what it is you want for your smile and health. At Sarival Family Dental we take into consideration your time and effort you took out of your day to come and see us and give you the care and attention you deserve. I don't want to treat just teeth, I want to treat the bigger picture. I strive to be laid back and personable, I have an easy going attitude, while still taking my job very seriously. I take great pride in the work I do and stand behind all I recommend. I want to be on your team for your oral health.

I grew up in the west valley. I went to Mountain Ridge High School, ASU West and dental school at Midwestern University. Needless to say, I haven't ventured too far from home. I love the west valley and am super happy to continue my life here. I grew up in the dental field, with my dad being a dentist and my mom earning her DDS (Dedicated dental spouse). Being raised by great parents I had them as an example of how I want to live my life. My 3 sisters and I had the task of cleaning my dads dental office growing up. This opportunity got me excited to one day be a dentist myself. My wife is also a dental hygienist, so we have lots of dentistry in the family. We have 2 little girls, Kate and Dottie. When not working we love playing at home or making trips to disneyland. One of Kate’s favorite games to play is Barbie dentist, so I rarely get an escape from dentistry. Through life's experiences I have learned the importance of family and my time with them is my most precious commodity.

I extend my welcome to you here at Sarival Family Dental. I want you to feel comfortable and happy with your dental experience. I want you to have confidence in your smile. We all look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to your dental home.